Many businesses that use video online are doing more damage than good for their brand and their message. The ease with which videos can be made has caused a deluge of poorly produced videos, which instead of making sales are actually driving business away.

In his new book, “Shoot Me Now –Making videos to boost business”, Geoff Anderson explains how to avoid the common mistakes that can damage a business’s credibility.

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I’ve been known to have an opinion. I’ve been known to voice it. That of course is the joy of living in a society that embraces free speech.

But free speech sucks.

When I give my opinion I want people to hear it. I trust that they will learn something from it. I expect that they will appreciate my wisdom, perhaps even be impressed.

But who are these people who dissent? Who are these naysayers who wish to offer contrary views? What right do they have to not agree with my insights?

Free speech is so much more convenient when it is not questioned. Well at least when my arguments are not questioned. Especially when I believe so strongly in my arguments. I don’t need someone else offering an alternative perspective that challenges my hypothesis. That is just annoying. I

t’s almost as if those of differing opinions think they have just as much right to express their thoughts. And what’s worse is they think they have the right to be heard!

I’m sure if I shout loudly enough I can drown out their ignorance. I can ensure my superiority is maintained unchallenged. After all, on the surface their counterpoints are not worth inspection. Well I assume that because I only look at the surface of their counterpoints. I simply don’t have the time to investigate their arguments when they so clearly don’t align with mine.

If only these naïve fools took the effort to properly understand what I am saying they would see the error in their ways. They would become wiser and more informed. They would realise that they are in fact wrong and now armed with the relevant details can better appreciate the sense of my viewpoint.

It just reinforces the point that they are ignorant that they avoid bothering to even try to understand. Are they threatened? Are they worried that if they have their thoughts challenged they have to accept they are wrong? Well until they do, they will remain fools trolling from the shadows of limited knowledge.

I guess for these naysayers it much safer to just repeat their mantras without considering that perhaps there is more to understand. Such ignorant fools.

It is so tedious to have to endure these senseless rebukes to my well-considered insights. It would be so much simpler if they heard my thoughts without the need to be critical of them. If that happened then free speech would be worthwhile.

Often the thing holding someone back from buying from you, is that they simply don’t understand how your service or product will help them.

No matter how much you try to explain how good it is or what it can do, they simply don’t care, don’t have time to understand and really have other problems to sort out.

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