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There is no doubt that video is going to become increasingly important for businesses to promote what they do. Geoff Anderson is at the forefront of this movement. His advice is priceless. His book is spot on. Heed what he has to say and you will grow to respect Geoff as much as I do.

Andrew Griffiths,
Australia’s #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author


Geoff Anderson has provided an invaluable text for corporate video producers and their clients. Distilling the media down to the two key questions that focus on the audience seems simple enough, but with media technologies constantly in flux, the answers may not always be the same, and this book gets that. Geoff presents a clear, thorough and thoughtful examination of the form, function and your potential markets. Presented with obvious passion and great humour, the book is highly recommended to all corporate media producers, and their potential clients.

Dr Gregory Ferris,
Lecturer, Media arts and production, University of Technology, Sydney


I have worked with numerous video production companies over the past 20 years and I can easily say that Geoff Anderson stands out with his expertise, personality and creative genius. I really enjoy collaborating on projects with him and always know he will deliver, no matter how ridiculous the timeframe or client requests. This book is the ultimate guide for creating great business videos, which I get to see him do automatically, everytime we work together.

Mike Kovacs,
Creative Director, Kachink Communications.


Geoff Anderson has over 20 years’ experience in the business of video production. There is little this man does not know, and in this book he has brought together the gems of that experience with his trademark humour and charm.  As entertaining as it informative, this is a must-have for anyone considering a video recording for any professional purpose.

Anthony Anderson,
Producer ‘Somersault’ winner of 13 AFI Awards


Geoff Anderson knows his business… few video producers manage to combine technical prowess, creative flair, professionalism and a sense of fun as well as Geoff does. If you want to know what to do with video in your business over the coming years, pick up this book and read it.

Roland Hanekroot,
author of The Ten Truths for Business Owners’ series of business books.

12 thoughts on “Praise for the book

  1. I have just finished reading Geoff Anderson’s book ‘Shoot Me Now’. As a small business owner, i am acutely aware of the need to include good quality video in my website and blog, and now i feel like i have been invited into the inner sanctum of business video production. No longer will i feel like a numpty when i try to talk the ‘tech talk’ of filming, and i feel confident that i can keep my viewers hovering for longer in front of my You Tube channel. Thanks Geoff!

  2. I’ve been using video in my business for the past 4 years and I thought I knew a lot…. I was mistaken! After reading Geoff’s book, I learned a new set of skills, that weren’t hard to master (for someone like me who has the attention span of an ant) but will make a massive difference to the quality of videos I produce in the future. I got so inspired, I hired a recording studio last week, to try out my new found skills and the videos have come up a treat!

    I’m now recommending Geoff’s book to all my clients, looking to incorporate video into their online marketing mix.Thanks Geoff for producing an easy to understand (no geek speak), step-by-step guide to producing great quality videos without having to fork out a fortune to do so.

  3. With video being an essential part of every business’s marketing and media requirements, Geoff gives you some clarity and well thought out assistance. Shoot Me Now is full of tips that will help you take your videos from home-made to professional. He also takes the opportunity to point out when you should hire a professional – this is an important point and one that can set you apart from the competition.

    A must read for every business owner looking to make a strong connection with their audience.

  4. In my involvement with an IT services business, the challenge has always been how to effectively communicate the benefits of our services to our prospective customers. In the past it was wordy white papers and case studies but I doubted their value as hardly any of our customers admitted to having read any of them.

    After reading “Shoot Me Now” by Geoff Anderson; who is an experienced Video Producer, I now have an understanding of the important steps needed to produce short effective web videos. Geoff Anderson also addresses typical problems to look out for including: controlling white balance and capturing clear distraction free sound.

    I highly recommend “Shoot Me Now” to any business owner considering using video in business, whether you want to do it yourself or want to know what to ask for when contracting out the services of a video production company.

  5. Andrew Yoole
    on said:

    This book is a treasure trove of information and guidance for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. If you’re just starting out with video in your business, Geoff’s light-hearted but informative writing will guide you through the obstacles, ensuring you make better videos on time and budget.

    Video is one of the best investments your company can make in today’s online and television-focused marketplace. And “Shoot Me Now” is the best investment you can make to start that happening.

  6. Gep Blake
    on said:

    Geoff has a great ability to distill seemingly complex information into straightforward, easily understandable concepts and communicate with an engaging and entertaining style. “Shoot Me Now” is indeed testament to Geoff’s vast knowledge and experience of video production but more than that its an incredibly valuable tool for any business. Video is now an integral part of every communications strategy and this book covers everything you need to understand about the “why” and “how” of video for business. Enjoy it, use it and reap the benefits.

  7. Working in the professional advice field, communicating, sometimes complex issues that have wide ranging impact upon clients and their family, can be a challenge in our world of interruptions and shrinking attention spans.

    Not only do we need to communicate your expertise, we also need to communicate our capacity both personal and professional. Video makes this possible in ways that documents, emails and even phone calls simply cannot do. When you’re making big decisions for the future of your business, you need to see the big picture – what’s possible, what’s available and what’s a reasonable expectation.

    This book has made it possible for my team to take the next step and to really engage with our clients and to play a bigger game. Read it; twice and then chart your course.

  8. Shoot Me Now provides a checklist of important aspects to make any video production better. I read the book with my iPad by my side and used the QR codes to watch the video examples throughout the book. It was FANTASTIC to be able to see the videos immediately and be able to see the information demonstrated in real time.

    For my business, I use video to train and connect. I want to use an informal style that doesn’t look professionally produced, and yet, is professional. Reading Shoot Me Now gave me a structure to use and really great ideas for location, script, technology, sound, and strategy.

    If your company invests in professional video production, you should read this book to understand exactly what you’re paying for and so you choose the right suppliers. If your company does DIY videos, you should read this book so you make better videos (and consider where you might bring in professionals once you can afford it).

    I wrote in the margins and will use the book as a reference when I’m creating my videos. You should too.

  9. As a business owner embarking on re-branding and launching my new global platform to educate people about spine safety within exercise and Pilates, this book certainly came out at the right time. Shoot Me Now has succinctly provided the most relevant and important aspects of utilising video within any business and I now have the knowledge and understanding to effectively deliver my message through video, which is must for any serious business owner.

    Geoff has done a great job in collaborating his years of experience plus what we need to do as business owners in today’s market to stay ahead of the crowd through professional and engaging video.

    I have learned much more from this book than from my media degree on how to apply video production to maximise your business, thank you Geoff!

  10. michael kelly
    on said:

    Geoff, the pages I’ve just read on how to make video testimonials I’m sure will help me in the upcoming video recording. Your advice was great, and timely. Well done. Michael Kelly

  11. Peter Heap
    on said:

    Hey Geoff
    Very generous of you to share your vast wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. And I can’t think of a time I haven’t enjoyed working with you over the last 20 years. You always make it a pleasure.

    Peter Heap

    PS To those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the freelance cameramen with all the expensive gear that Geoff refers to in Shoot Me Now.

    • geoff
      on said:

      Thanks Pete and you also happen to be one of Mythbusters’ favourite camera operators. Always good to have you in the country to help out on my shoots.

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